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Comments from my first overseas sale, from Karl Harris, Falkland Islands (mistakes his):

Hi Guys My old man came up to mine the other day and gave your book to my son, he like me is a right land rover nut. We are haveing a right giggle reading it. Its all very interesting. We live in the Falkland Islands and it is mostly farm land. [sheep & cattle] The old man has a small place about 40miles from the town, only 14 acres but is surrounded by about 400,000 acres of sheep farm grazing land. We can come and go as we like on all of it. Anyway its always about land rovers, I have three, a 1958 series one, 1988 110 county [like yours] & a 2002 disco td5. The old man has a 1981 S111 swb, 1983 110 & 2006 110 station wagon. My brother has a 1966 S11 fire fly & 1996 110. I have a shed full of others like 230g wagons, Iltis jeep & 416 Unimog truck.[All Ex Argentine from the 1982 war. oh and a tank] My wife and I pluss our two boys and little lady were last in NZ in 2006 from early july till end october. We love the place, the pace and way of life. You guys have it all. A great book Thanks Karl


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A Farmer's Affair

The Legend of the Land Rover Icon

Duncan Munro

It covers off-road 4WD in New Zealand, not just Land Rover.


The book is

  • A print of 1,000 special editions books - distinct to any re-prints.
  • Hardcover, with 319 pages of high quality paper and print; and of the quality of $60-$70 books.
  • 100 pages of colour photos and scanned official Land Rover brochures.
  • 34 previously published cartoons by well known rural cartoonist, David Henshaw  -  'JOCK'.
  •   4 new cartoons drawn by David specific to Dad and my story  -  'Dad & Dunc'.
  • BUY NOW @  NZD $40.00 (including GST). Packaging & Posting is extra and the amount depends on what 'Zone' the book is to be sent to.


Marketing and selling:

Reviewed in four magazines:     

  • Valley Voice  -  Lifestyle  -  south of Auckland (and possibly north of Auckland)
  • Rural Living  -  Lifestyle  -  south of Auckland (and possibly north of Auckland)
  • 4x4 Action Magazine   -  4WD   -  nationwide
  • NZ 4WD Magazine  -  4WD  -  nationwide

Other reviews

  • Car Magazine Reviews 
  • Pohutukawa Coast Times  -  local weekly newspaper.
  • Roverland, Auckland dealership like it very much.
  • Waikato Times newspaper  -  reaching a larger rural readership.

I trust that you will appreciate the book. Any questions don't hesitate to contact me asap.


John Reid  -  4x4 Action magazine  -  December 2010 issue for the full review.

'... it would make an awesome present, not just for Land Rover enthusiasts, but anyone who is interested in four wheel drive history, especially New Zealand... The book covers all sorts of things from Military experiences, Farm History, Land Rover Models... some wonderful cartoons, and sections from advertising brochures... there is just so much in here. I was fortunate to get hold of a pre-release proof copy, and count myself privileged to have seen the book before it has been released. I can't recommend strongly enough you go and check it out... just so worth it... Not to be missed.'

Four other reviews are in:   Testimonials


Self-publishing is very expensive and risky personally so only a limited number (1,000) was initially printed.

Re-printing will follow on interest and viability!

The benefit is the author (myself) retains all control and copyrights.

Duncan Munro - Pukerau Farm - Ph 09 292 2825