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  • The book reviewed 
  • NZQA 4WD (2 day) Course - Formal Training.
  • Informal Training - ‘Small Group’ or ‘One on One’.
  • Fundraiser Days.
  • Tourist Trips (birthday gifts).
  • Winch Days.
  • Magazine Articles.
  • Vehicle Dealers and Corporates.


The Book:


Graeme Beals  -  Publisher, Zenith Publishing Group Ltd, 2010.          www.publishme.co.nz

A Farmer’s Affair is a laconic recounting of tales from a 60-year love affair with a wide range of Land Rovers. Used for farming, fighting, tourism, emergency work, sport and leisure, the trusty Land Rover has produced a solution for Duncan Munro every time. His life-long respect for the vehicles, his technical knowledge, and his life-wisdom gleaned from their use in hard times and good – in diverse circumstances – makes for a fascinating and educated read for all lovers of this iconic brand.

Crispin Caldicott  -  Rural Living  -  November 2010 issue for the full review.

'... This book is tremendous fun and charts the history of the Land Rover in New Zealand as an iconic cocky's ute through anecdote and tale. The technical bits are there for the purists, but like a lot of stories that are not text books there is a lot of useful material to be picked up on the way... A very nice appraisement of the first major mechanical workhorse on NZ farms richly illustrated with good photographs, and around 50 of the Jock cartoons by noted Land Rover enthusiast David Henshaw.'

John Oxley  -  NZ 4WD Magazine  -  December 2010 issue for the full review.

'... Duncan doesn't just stick to storytelling - that wouldn't be true to the man himself. So he intersperses many tips and truisms about four-wheel-driving, tips to help you progress better and keep you safe - so much so that the book is worth buying for these alone, especially if you are new to driving off-road... There are also lots of interesting stories on Duncan's army service in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam - usually with a Land Rover slant. Duncan even manages to make army life amusing! ...'

Neil van Duyn  -  Valley Voice  -  December 2010 issue for the full review.

'... You would definitely call it a blokes book, it does not follow the usual book formula and tends to wander around covering a lot of historical info on the Landrover vehicle and the history of the farming families in the Clevedon area... it intertwines with many other local characters and gives a slice of how life has changed over the last 40 years... Duncan does not claim to be the next Robert Ludlum but has produced an honest, down to earth Kiwi book that would be of interest to any down to earth Kiwi bloke and especially those that have a hands on approach to life or a connection with the Clevedon area.'

NZQA 4WD  (2 day) Course - Formal Training:

Duncan’s friendly and approachable manner helped make the NZQA course immensely enjoyable. He has extensive knowledge of off-roading, and how to operate an off-road vehicle in his particular environment. The Pukerau Farm is an absolutely perfect environment for training purposes; having a range of terrain and opportunities to test your skills and vehicle in controlled situations.
Andrew Howson

Hi Duncan, Thanks for holding the NZQA 4wd operation course, and for going out of your way to make sure everything ran smoothly. Both the classroom based training on day one and the practical training on the farm on day two where well presented, informative and taught well.Your extensive knowledge and experience is an asset to this course and your professional attitude always comes across well at any event held at Pukerau.

I have been to Pukerau 3 or 4 times now and each time have come away enjoying my time thoroughly, as the farm has a wide variety of terrain and conditions, which is excellent for all types of events and skill levels. I have recommended the "Pukerau Trip" to a few friends who have 4WD's and after their day out, they have come away from the trip blown away by the experience and the amazing views from the farm.

Thanks again Duncan, until next time. Regards Paul Miller.

Informal Training  - ‘Small Group’ or ‘One on One’:

Hi Duncan
Thank you very much for the info on the books for 4WD
We had a great time on Friday, and a really neat time up at the hut. Had a
yummy camp dinner and a good night sleep.
We will be recommending the 4WD trip to all our friends and family.
Vanessa Vallings

Fundraiser Days:

Kawakawa Bay-Orere 1st Response team Relaxed Scenic Safari

March, 2007 37 4WD / AWD vehicle tag-along.

Many thanks for all your hard work in organizing the “4WD” day for the clinic. It was a beautiful day and we have received lots of great comments. We think you did enough for a “mallowpuff”.
From the Kawakawa Bay Orere Health Clinic Committee.

(a long story behind mallowpuffs. Something to do with me liking them!)

National Party Scenic Safari

March, 2004 30 4WD vehicles & 2 ATVs; & 17 horses.

I write to you, on behalf of the Clevedon electorate of the National Party, for the huge contribution you made towards the success of our 4-wheel drive scenic safari on Sunday 7 March.
The work you did, voluntarily organizing the whole event, was very much appreciated and was the key factor in the success of the day. Your advice and help in technical and safety aspects was invaluable and I would appreciate your assistance and knowledgeable input in future events.
Once again, from myself and the National Party Clevedon members, thank you for organizing such a wonderful day for us.
Yours sincerely
Judith Collins MP Clevedon.


Tourist Trips:

Birthday Gift - Challenging and Scenic.

I was lucky enough to get a gift for my birthday that I really enjoyed, an afternoon excursion with Duncan from Pukerau 4WD. We traveled over Duncan's and neighbouring properties on the northern arm of the Hunua Range in Duncan's Landrover V8, which he wasn't afraid to get dirty and take over some fairly demanding terrain. We stopped and after a short walk got to see a very old, very large Kauri tree, a remnant of what the hills would have looked like hundreds of years ago. Next it was off to a stand of totara and a bite to eat and a cuppa. There we were, out with the blanket and listening to the sounds of the wildlife, miles away from the road noise and hustle and bustle of the city. Our final stop provided us with an un-spoilt view of the eastern coast and it's many bays and islands, a wonderful end to a great afternoon.

Thanks again Duncan for a great time and for personalising the trip for us, your knowledge of the area and effort you have put in to developing your land for 4WD made the day even better.

Cheers, Deano.
Electronics Tech.


Winch Days:

Continuous Winch Days

Ashley Lucas NZ 4WD Magazine (June 2006) www.nz4wd.co.nz

‘-------. And how did the NZ4WD team get on?
Well as it was not a competition there was no scoring but thanks to Richard Brooks we didn’t make too big a fool of ourselves.
This is a great day for both novices and experienced folk alike and, while the rain may have kept people away this time, the day was so successful that another is planned for October this year’.

Bobbie Kincaid 4x4 Action Magazine (June 2006) www.4x4action.co.nz

‘------. Whilst the winch teams were doing their thing, a tag-along convoy of vehicles were exploring the farm under the guidance of Duncan Munro.
They had a few snatch recoveries and one winch recovery during the day due to the slippery terrain around the farm.
The tag-along tour was able to view the ‘Winch’ guys during the day as the convoy passed the hazards’.

Bobbie Kincaid
4x4 Action Magazine (November 2006) www.4x4action.co.nz

‘------. The tag-along group were able to watch the winch teams in action as they passed by in their convoy during the day.
The day came to an end around 3pm and with important lessons learnt each team headed back to their homes armed with certificates for their efforts and proudly displaying their mud coated vehicles from one last play in the mud hole’.

I met some new faces and enjoyed my day, thanks.

Duane Gorst
If you have another event we will be back for another day with you, as I got a lot out of it. There must be more for me.

Martin Davis
Enjoyed the day. Weather Bad! Hope to come again to learn more with our own, or help someone else winch.
Great day, Thanks.



Craig Lord Valley Voice (December 2006) email:  valleypublishing@xtra.co.nz
(Craig is also involved with 4x4 Action Magazine)

‘------. Recently Duncan has involved himself with ‘Winch Day’ events, and these have been designed generally for two types of vehicle owner - The Japanese imported four wheel drive vehicle with winch mounted on the front, and those who have recently installed a winch to their vehicle in the hope of one day being able to use it. It is not restricted to those particular groups but it has them in the front of the whole package.
Pukerau 4WD Ltd is registered as a Small Passenger Service Operator, licensed to provide 4WD hill country safari tourist trips. That along with the fact that Duncan is a qualified on and off road driving instructor and NZQA 4WD trainer and workplace assessor, puts him in good stead to provide a service to those who wish to get out of the mundane city life and into a bit of rural for a while’.

Ashley Lucas NZ 4WD Magazine (December 2006) www.nz4wd.co.nz

‘-------. For the few that came to watch there was also time for a tag-along tour with Duncan around Pukerau 4WD property.
This is a fantastic place and the views from the top are amazing; a four wheel driving opportunity with views of Sky City and the Hauraki Gulf’.

John Oxley NZ4WD Magazine (July 2007) www.nz4wd.co.nz

‘-------. Pukerau’s literal meaning in Maori is ‘a hundred hills’ and it is true that when you climb high up you see across to Kawakawa Bay and indeed, what seem to be a hundred hills.

Not only is the property particularly beautiful, but it offers many opportunities to road test 4WD vehicles, and especially on a course such as we required where repeatable comparison was paramount’.

Duncan Munro - Pukerau Farm - Ph 09 292 2825