4WD Experience

Pukerau means ‘a hundred hills’ or in this general sense to indicate ‘many hills’.


Pukerau 4WD Ltd:

  • Will cease to operate and trade before the 20th December, 2013.
  • There is possibly some areas of advice and activities that may be possible. I will be considering this question.
  • I am happy to be:
    • A speaker at dinners or functions on a lifetime (50 years) of Four Wheel Driving in this area.
    • To write articles on a lifetime of Four Wheel Driving in this area.
    • A consultant on 4WD matters, including Resource Management, OSH and Land Access issues.



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Other activities that can be looked at:

Kauri in Whakatiri & Mataitai Scenic Reserves - a short walk down to one from the top of 'Pukerau - the farm'. Others are much further away. However at present with the problems with the Kauri Dieback disease Duncan is very careful about local access.

Walks of various lengths and degrees of difficulty can be incorporated into a day’s activities here or elsewhere. ‘Pukerau - the farm’ boundaries to the north of the Mataitai State Forest, which is of approx. 1700 acres in size. This area still has signs of the kauri milling that took place 90 – 100 years ago.

While Duncan is not qualified, and therefore Duncan will not directly organise other outdoor activities. Horse treks, quad bike rides or mountain bike activities (and possibly others) could, with suitable supervision, be run on ‘Pukerau - the farm’.

Duncan Munro - Pukerau Farm - Ph 09 292 2825