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News Update:

Duncan Munro now has reached the tender age of 65 years old; and with the government bringing in the Adventure Activities Operator legalistion, Duncan has decided to cease operating Pukerau 4WD Ltd. Operating and trading will cease before 20th December, 2013.

The extra hoops required are understandable but Duncan sees no benefit to himself or to Pukerau 4WD Ltd. There still remains certain activities that can be run a certain way on the farm that doesn't come under this legalisation but it remains that most of what services Pukerau 4WD Ltd offered in the past will not be available here now.

The first steps of closing up are now being put into place, and all will be slowly worked through.

Duncan is pleased that his story and his advice continues to be available through his book:  A Farmer's Affair - The Legend of the Land Rover Icon. Copies are still available.

 Duncan Munro:

I am a joint owner of ‘Pukerau – the farm’ (called that to differentiate with Pukerau – the township near Gore, Southland); and I am the Off-Road Trip Operator and Director of Pukerau 4WD Ltd until the 20th December, 2013 when the company ceases to operate.

I have lived on this property for my whole life of 65 years (apart from three years in the army), and been involved with a vast array of off-road and four-wheel drive transportation. The farms owned by my father were originally 3,000 acres (1,215 ha) in total, of rolling to very steep contour, running sheep and cattle breeding stock. I purchased one of the farms, 1,600 acres (647 ha), which is now reduced to 305 acres (123.5 ha).  The contours of the present property still range from 20m to 343m above sea level.

Growing up when the horse was the main off-road transport with hacks for general transport and draft horses for pulling the sledge; moving onto two-wheel drive tractors on rubber; or on steel wheels for steep hill disc-ing; tractors progressing from having side brakes, winches, and diff-locks through to four-wheel drive tractors; Land Rovers (long wheelbase and short wheelbase) with capstan winch, power-take-off winches, to electric winches – these with flat deck and station wagon configurations: this has been my life.


The Book:

In late 2008 I started to write a book based around the 60-year history of the basic Land Rovers and the 47-years of my personal stories growing up around them and driving them. It is a tale not just about Land Rovers but family, farming, recreation and training. 

A Farmer’s Affair

The Legend of the Land Rover Icon

 This basic Land Rover history is told through the eyes of a farmer and covers three other strands that are intrinsically intertwined with each part important in its own right.

  • The love and company of family and friends.
  • The love and appreciation of the basic Land Rovers  -  covering its 60 year history.
  • The love of exploring and driving off-road.
  • The love of the great outdoors of New Zealand.

 A story covering life’s challenges, dangers, humour and lessons learnt portrayed in words, pictures and cartoons written by a farmer who loves and appreciates all the strands that have been an integral part of his life and the 46 years driving a range of basic Land Rovers.

 It should be of interest to anyone not just Land Rover buffs!

 This book details a lot about Duncan, the farm, 4WD and off-road in New Zealand. Go to  -  The Book and  News  -  pages for more information and purchasing arrangements.


The Farm:      

This long time family farm is available as a venue for a range of rural and off-road activities in a beautiful, natural and low-key environment. This property is now classified for Outdoor Recreation – primarily 4WD however this does not restrict it to 4WD only. Our neighbours’, the Cashmores’ property (approximately 3,000 acres) is also available to compliment this farm.

‘Pukerau’ refers to the name that my father called this farm. It is the farm that I grew up on just south and east of Auckland. It is the northern finger of the Hunua Range. The literal meaning in Maori is – ‘a hundred hills’, given to this land to indicate – ‘many hills’.


Pukerau 4WD Ltd:

This company and all of it's services will cease before the 20th December, 2013.




The Eleven Changing Photos:

On the top right hand corner of the web pages are eleven randomly changing photos. These do not follow in any order, and to get the eleven you may have to click on the pages 14 – 26 times unfortunately. Such is the random programme.


The Painting:

We asked our friend Suzy Kirkaldy to paint or draw the view from the top of the farm. Suzy agreed to do so. She is more recognised for her pastel drawings of people, wild animals of Africa, and pets. She lived in Kenya for many years, and has recently been back. We would recommend her to anyone who would like to investigate quality drawings / paintings. Check out her website: www.portraitsinpastel.co.nz


Directions to ‘Pukerau – the farm’:

Directions are from the Auckland Southern motorway – to Clevedon and on to the property’s entrance at Townson Road (formerly Townsend Road). It is a small metal road that is 12 km on the right past Clevedon.

  • Travelling from Auckland – go south.
  • Turn off at Hill Road, Manurewa.
  • Turn left on to Hill Road at the lights.
  • Follow the signs carefully to CLEVEDON.
  • Drive through CLEVEDON.
  • Turn right to KAWAKAWA BAY at the roundabout.
  • Proceed the 12 km to Townson Road.

Pukerau – the farm’s entrance is 500m up the road near the end, on the left.

Duncan Munro - Pukerau Farm - Ph 09 292 2825