Bikes and Quads


While the farm is classified as Outdoor Recreation - primarily 4WD, it is not restricted to 4WD. However certain conditions still apply that I must work to.

The fees are very completive and are priced to encourage learners to get out and ride.

Over the last 18 months a small and growing number of riders of bikes and quads have started to come and appreciate the farm. The 4WD tracks and trails here lend well to technical riding.

This is not a race-track! Neither a place to hoon everywhere.

It is a great place for small groups to come to develop the higher skills needed to participate in other events.

The recent Kawakawa Bay Fire Brigade fundraiser of over 600 bikes and quads attending here and on the three neighbouring properties (over 400 last year) showed a need for a stepping stone place for riders to come and get the higher skills to step up into the higher grades of riding.

I am not targeting the mass market! Only a small number of small groups present at a time. A maximum number may be set in the future.


Pukerau 4WD Ltd

General Trip Guidelines


 This is not a race-track!             Neither a place to hoon everywhere!

 Each group should have their own ‘Trip Guidelines’ that deal with supervision,

trip gear taken and any other matters that is specific to their activities.


  1.  This system will only work on trust and respect between all parties.

  • No trust and respect     -     no entry.  Entry will be denied.

   2.  Road rules apply in all instances.

  • Drive accordingly to the ground conditions and clear visibility.
  • Other users may be using the property as well.
  • Keep left.
  • Take care at all junctions.
  • Be able to stop in half your visible distance.

  3.  Exclusive use      -            is seldom granted. Special conditions will apply (incl. big $$)

  4.  Noise           -            keep to a minimum around the front, near any dwellings or horses.

  5.  Parking    -     My preferred site is at the entrance.

  •       Up by the yards can be used. There are reasons to use this site.
  •       Try to avoid parking with stock – for your sake!
  •       Keep noise to a minimum!

  6.  No alcohol or pets permitted.

  7.  Gates  -  must be left as you found them.

      Failing to do this is the farming ‘unforgivable sin’!

  • If open  -  leave ‘open’.
  • If shut   -  leave ‘shut’.
  • If ‘swing in the breeze’, leave as is, but let me know!
  • Do not open a gate and leave it for someone else to shut later.
    • You opened it  -  you ‘shut’ it;  and  they are to do likewise.

  8.  Group leaders:

  • Must over 25 years old,  unless Pukerau 4WD Ltd agrees to otherwise.
  • Any supervisors helping must be over 18 years old.
  • Must have a minimum supervision ratio of 1:5.
  • Must ensure the group is aware of all the requirements of entry, and abide by them.
  • Are held responsible for the safety and conduct of all members of their group.
  • that have the necessary permission allowing their group to do advanced activities must:
    • increase the number of supervisors;  and
    • the supervisors must have a higher degree of competency for the planned activities.
  • Must provide all equipment necessary for their party to exit at the end of the trip.
    • To include all matters – mechanical, medical and/or covering accidents.

  9.  If Pukerau 4WD Ltd is required, at some point, to assist a charge of $80 per hour will apply.

  • Note:   Pukerau 4WD Ltd may not be available on that day!

  10.  Levels of activities:

  • Scenic                     -        permitted.
  • General                   -        permitted.
  • Extreme not permitted      -        unless special conditions are agreed upon.
  • Racing not permitted         -        unless special conditions are agreed upon.

  11.  Payment:

  • The trip fee to be paid in cash – unless by other arrangement.
  • Place in an envelope with Group Leaders Number, Name and phone number on it and with the ‘Acknowledgement Form’ signed by any other participating adult.
  • The envelope containing the payment to be left in a letterbox by the house stile.

        Head towards the chimney! 

  • Please put the flag up to indicate correspondence has been left.

12.  Any disputes     -     will be settled solely on Duncan Munro or his agent’s judgment after hearing the other side’s case.

       That ruling will be binding.




Duncan Munro - Pukerau Farm - Ph 09 292 2825